In The DogHouse


We have several services available to our clients:

Canine Massage Therapy

I established the P.E.T.S. program (Positive Energy Therapy Services) to deliver healing aid through the use of Canine Massage Therapy techniques. Depending on the needs of your dog, services range from full Swedish body massages, to hydrotherapy wraps, acupressure points, colour relaxation, and homecare plans. Massage is a valuable tool in all aspects of dog therapy…rehabilitation from an injury, surgery or illness, strengthens muscle tone and joint movement, provides an avenue of stress relief, soothes anxiety issues, early detector of possible health concerns, reduces chronic pain and discomfort, and provides pain relief for dogs in palliative care. Currently, I offer this service at my Innisfil location only. Contact me today at 705-431-2385 for pricing and scheduling.

Dog Grooms

I’m in the business of pampering your pooch, I”ll take the extra step to ensure your dog has a relaxed appointment. Unlike other grooming salons that book multiple dogs resulting in long spa days in small crates, I believe in the one-dog-in-one-dog-out experience! I am also familiar with the different breeds specifications associated with the grooming profession, but I also am a firm believer in grooming to your specifications, and putting your dog’s needs first! Currently this service is offered at my Innisfil location.  Contact me at 705-431-2385 for pricing and scheduling. Dogs requiring special care can be catered to with an in-home groom for an extra fee.  For more information, contact me to discuss your dogs special needs.  Please note, I am currently only offering grooms to dogs smaller than 30 lbs.

Dog Walking

Most people today lead hectic lives. Long days at the office sometimes mean that our dogs don’t get the long walks they deserve and look forward to. That’s where I come in. I offer individual dog walks (or group walks to households that have more than one dog) on a regular or periodic basis. I make sure that the walks are filled with stimulating activity and exercise in a friendly, playful outdoor environment.
Your first dog walk is free, contact me today at 905-431-2385 for pricing and scheduling!

Pet Sitting

For those days that you know you’ll be away for a long time and don’t have anyone to spend time with your pet. My pet sitting involves more than just “sitting,” I’ll ensure your pet is kept busy with activities and is well looked after.
Contact me today so you can go away on a vaca!

Dog Training

I currently do not offer dog training but I recommend Time and Patience Dog Training.  Please visit their website at or go to my links page and click of Time and Patience at the top of the list.