In The DogHouse


Q. Do you cat sit as well as dogs?
A. Yes. Please refer to my pricing page for how many visits per day I do.
Q. Do you do overnight visits?
A. Yes, but all stayovers or long period stays require the dog to stay at my place AND must be accomodating to my own pet – a DSH cat named Boo.
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Dog Training
Q. Do you do group sessions?
A. Yes. Group sessions are approximately 6 weeks long, once a week for an hour with roughly 4-6 per group. Encouragement for dogs to interact is key, however we do keep them on-leash until they have at least completed level 2 – Intermediate Dog Training. There are three levels of dog training: Level 1 Basic, Level 2 Intermediate, and Level 3 Advanced, all at 6 week sessions run throughout the year. Please contact me for further information.
Q. Do you do individual/private sessions?
A. Yes. Private lessons are the same length as Group however we teach the dog one-on-one. We also may address things going on in different situations such as territorial barking, other types of animal distractions and food aggression. Private lessons are done in the comfort of your home and surrounding area.
Q. How long are the sessions?
A. Sessions usually last for an hour but it depends on the breed and the climate surround the day of training. The sessions are approximately 6 weeks in length, however private lessons may take longer time wise to allow the dog owners to work on teaching the commands themselves to the dog during the week while on walks or in the backyard, etc. The dog owners must be involved in the training for the dog to keep progressing with continual learning of the commands.
Q. What is your ratio on food reinforcement?
A. I only encourage food as a reinforcement command for 10% of the learning. Therefore the other 90% is based on positive praise reinforcement. You don’t want your dog to become dependant of treats alone, the training won’t work – your dog may become overweight or disobedient to your commands.
Q. Do you train for flyball or agility courses?
A. At the present time, I do not offer those courses. Please keep checking the site for postings and upcoming events, along with additions to our training courses.