In The DogHouse



Below are some testimonials and pictures of current clients. Clicking on any of the images will result in a slide show that you can click through. If you have any trouble viewing the pictures on this page, please let us know.

Grooming Clients

Tracy is absolutely wonderful with Gillian, she’s great at soothing her and keeping her calm. She does a great job with making sure that the small things (paw hair, tail and ears, etc) are evenly cut. I couldn’t imagine ever taking Gillian back to the spa groomers!
-Gillian’s Mom
Tracy has compassion and true caring for dogs which really comes through when she comes to groom Lightning. Grooming Lightning in our home makes life so much easier for us, it’s a true asset. He needs a lot of tender loving care, which he always gets from Tracy and more. Thank Goodness for someone like Tracy. Groomers like her are far and few between. I am telling all of my friends and relatives about Tracy.
-Lightning’s Mom, Cathy

Before & Afters